What you should know …

Jackson Stoneworks has manufactured more than 30,000 granite counter tops in the past ten years and is known worldwide as the supplier of custom granite vanity tops for all 1700+ Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores in the USA. Jackson Stoneworks is equipped with the latest state of art precision equipment to manufacture custom granite, marble and quartz counter tops in Gainesville, FL, USA.


Granite is the premier countertop surface chosen most as the crowning jewel of fine homes worldwide. It is a natural stone formed from molten rock billions of years ago and is best known for its unique beauty. Natural granite is heat resistant, scratch resistant, and is available in wide variety of colors, shades and textures with veining and movement.


Marble is composed mainly of calcium carbonate, which gives it a softer look and feel with a definite sense of timeless elegance. Often marble is chosen for use in bathrooms, vanity tops, shower walls, tub decks and fireplaces. Natural marble is available in a wide variety of colors, shades and textures with veining and unique movement.


Quartz counter tops are a man-made, engineered product composed of a blend of natural quartz stone and polyester resins. It is a non-porous product most advertised as stain resistant, scratch and bacteria resistant. Quartz counter top raw material is a patented product licensed to several manufactures worldwide who supply Jackson Stoneworks in a variety of similar colors displayed in our Sales Center showroom.